Our Services

We believe that an IT infrastructure which works properly may be made available for each company nowadays. Both in case of greenfield investment and reconstruction of an already existing infrastructure, we provide our clients with the design and implementation of an optimal, maximally integrated and secure IT infrastructure, by the means of our solutions which are independent from the manufacturers.

Establishment of complete infrastructures

Thanks to our professional team of engineers, we undertake to perform greenfield establishments, and also to complete implementation projects in case of the reconstruction of existing infrastructure, from design to realization. As having certificates from multiple manufacturers, our team of engineers has a knowledge which covers every field and an experience of many years.


We serve our clients with highly reliable solutions of market-leading manufacturers, both for the enlargement of an infrastructure and the modernization of existing systems.


Virtualization is an essential part of each modern infrastructure, including solutions based on Hyper-V, VMware or Citrix; we undertake the establishment or enlargement of virtualization environments, following the performance of the necessary compatibility assessments.

Cloud services

The rapidly developing and changing business demands may be satisfied in the most effective manner by the implementation of cloud services. In accordance with the demands of our clients, we undertake to implement hybrid infrastructures of solutions based on Office 365 or Azure, and even to implement systems completely based on cloud services.

Implementation of Microsoft products

Microsoft offers market-leading solutions for reliable and secure company base infrastructure, company correspondence, group work or other modern solutions of communication, which are allowing the establishment of an effective and modern office environment.

Equally for small, medium and large enterprises, the group of Kermann provides personalized operational services, in accordance with the contractually undertaken reaction times, even by providing an availability of 24/7. In addition to our remote access based operational service, we provide continuous on-site presence if required. Our operational activity is administered in our professional ticketing system, but of course, we may record the reports received by us in the own ticketing system of the client if necessary. Over the course of the provision of our services, we apply the model Level 1-2-3, where Level 1 consists of our Helpdesk team and on-site desktop operating colleagues, our Level 2 professionals are usually responsible for the operation of network and server side infrastructure, and our engineers representing Level 3 are primarily participating in operational support and project type objectives. Within the framework of our operational support service, we provide the own operational groups of our clients with professional assistance, which may cover the support of complete computer infrastructures, or only subdomains (LAN devices, firewalls, servers, storage devices).

We believe that having an IT infrastructure which works effectively is a fundamental of each modern enterprise. We consider it important to support our clients in the effective use of their computer systems, and in the definition of the proper directions of development. We intend to contribute to the success of our clients by establishing an effective computer background:

  • consultation
  • consolidation and modernization
  • system optimization
  • development of IT strategies

We undertake to design and implement complete computer networks by the participation of our professionals who have high-level manufacturer qualifications and a professional experience of decades. In addition, we provide support in error identification of network systems (testing, data collection, measurement, monitoring), and also in the preparation of proper suggestions and plans, following their assessment.

The group of Kermann undertakes the

  • design and implementation of the most advanced copper and optical, outdoor and indoor LAN cable systems, with a measurement report and documentation.
  • revision and measurement of existing wired or wireless networks
  • establishment of computer networks, even with multiple headquarters, between headquarters, or client VPN systems
  • Installation of UTM and border protection devices
  • Design and implementation of Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks, design and implementation of complex networks including virtual networks (VLAN) and wireless networks (WLAN), establishment of supervisory networks and revision of already existing systems
  • Design, installation and operation of VoIP systems

Our operational service is helped by our Helpdesk service effectively, which is available 24/7 according to the needs of our clients. The main task of the group is receiving user demands and reports via telephone and/or email. In accordance with predefined processes, our colleagues are organizing, analyzing and (if they have competence) remotely resolving (First level support) the received reports – if they have no competence, such reports will be forwarded to the proper professional level.

The members of our Helpdesk team are receiving the calls of our clients in our branch office of Szeged. Our modern call center system allows us to be available continuously by using one single contact line. We communicate with our clients continuously via telephone, email, or via the own ticketing system of Kermann if necessary.

After normal working hours between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, we receive the reports of our clients 24/7 within the scope of an emergency system, even on bank holidays, according to a prior agreement.

Within the scope of our Helpdesk service, we send personalized reports to our clients on a monthly or weekly basis, in order to allow them to track the activity performed by us during the current period.

Serving the employees by computer tools representing the best quality during everyday work is essential for the life of each company. The procurement group of Kermann guarantees that our clients will be served by reliable products of market-leading manufacturers within the possible shortest delivery period. Both in case of the procurement of hardware and software, our manufacturer partnerships and extended network of suppliers are allowing us to deliver the ordered items to our clients on the lowest possible prices. If required, we support the procurement processes of our clients with our recommendations, based on many years of experience.

Public Procurement

We are available for institutions falling under the scope of centralized public procurement, both mandatorily or voluntarily, via our following framework agreements:

  • Procurement of servers, storage devices, and related services (x86) (KM0103SRVT17)
  • Procurement of active network elements and completion of related services – 2018 (KM0103NET18)

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Our quotes are personalized to each company, therefore the recommended product or service shall fit in the existing system, in order to ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation. We hope that your company will be greeted as one of our partners in the near future.