LED business line

Our products, specifically designed for industrial use, for both indoors and outdoors, offer the possibility for up to 50% electricity savings. We design and manufacture our lamps in Hungary.

For Clients planning to embark on an overall lighting system upgrade, we will be happy to assist by building in-depth preliminary models, to ensure that optimal returns are realised on the investment.


IT business line

A secure and modern IT system is critical to any Company’s efficient day-to-day operations. It is our belief that a reliable IT infrastructure should be made available for all businesses, regardless of their size. Kermann Kft. delivers complex solutions in this area as well.



We offer Research & Development (R&D) services to our Clients, based on specific assignments, covering the following areas:

  • preparation of serial production and prototyping
  • performing mandatory laboratory measurements, with official minutes taken
  • tender management services, including the technical preparation of projects, with underlying consulting and implementation services, provided as a subcontractor.