Tender management

Kermann Kft. provides specialist services in the areas of R&D, and energy modernisation tendering procedures, on a success fee basis. We offer the following services, in this particular area:

  • Tender monitoring, as part of which, we will notify potentially interested parties about the possibilities arising for them to generate additional financial resources, related to projects that may be particularly relevant for them.
  • As part of our tender documentation drafting services, we will prepare all documents (e.g. implementation schedule, cost budget, tender application data sheet) required to be submitted during the relevant tendering procedure, based on the original project idea, and we will manage all professional and administrative tasks arising during the tendering procedure. During the planning phase, we provide full scale assistance to our Clients, in developing the energy related part of the documentation, including the preparation of energy related attachments, conduct an energy audit for the buildings, and will issue certifications on the same.
  • As part of our project management administrative tasks, if the tender is won by our Client, we will help our Client to complete all mandatory administrative steps required during the tendering procedure (amending contracts, preparation of project progress/maintenance reports, conducting public procurement procedures, the preparation of reports, monitoring the necessary indexes, compiling the data disclosure required for monitoring purposes, etc.), i.e. we will provide overall project management services.

We offer our tender management services, with the involvement of our specialist partners, to Companies whom do not have an in-house capacity, staff or experience, with regards to the monitoring of upcoming tenders, or the preparation of tendering documents, therefore unable to devote adequate resources on their own to identify potential tenders, to develop the underlying tender documentation, to coordinate multiple on-going projects, or to efficiently carry out the related administrative tasks.