Laboratory services


The minimum fee for our laboratory services is HUF 35,000 plus VAT per each equipment to be inspected, which is inclusive of the costs of issuing the official underlying minutes, as well as supplying the final, detailed measurement data.

Luminance meter

A photometry device, used to measure the luminance of passive (reflective, but not light emitting) and active (light emitting) surfaces. Out of all gauges used in the lighting industry, this is one of the key ones, as it is able to measure the exact photometry unit perceived by the human eye.


Thermographic camera

This device is used for the inspection of the electromagnetic spectrum falling outside the spectrum visible to the human eye, i.e. falling within the infrared spectrum. This camera can be used for the testing of LED and other luminaries, for a quick troubleshooting of malfunctioning components on machine tools and other industrial machines (given that mechanical problems normally generate overheating at the place of default), as well as for the inspection and monitoring of medical technology applications. 


Thermal test chamber

Our thermal test chamber we developed in-house, is capable of simulating any high environmental temperature. This might be a required development step in the area of lighting technology, and in other technical applications. The chamber’s key component is an intelligent control driven thermal platform (bench). The pre-set environmental temperature is automatically maintained by the device, and being checked on-going, or compensated, when the heat is lost. The device is able to carry out multiple types of measurements, via its pre-installed multi-channel temperature gauge, and the related calibrated heat sensors.


Ulbricht sphere

The Ulbricht sphere, i.e. an integrating spectrophotometer, is a laboratory gauge, used in photometry, and light engineering. It is used as a detector of luminous flux for any light source placed in the sphere.  The luminous flux is the ratio of electromagnetic radiation emitted by a light source, visible to the human eye, measured in lumen (lm).  Our Ulbricht sphere, and the related spectroradiometer device, hold a valid certificate, issued by an accredited laboratory.